Dä Winter dur in Winterthur: Voodoo Dimension WinterTour

Dan the Man is shouting out!
OK, the 2016/2017 Wintertour is in the books. The weather wasn’t too bad this season. I think we only had 1 or 2 days with less than optimal weather – considering it’s Switzerland in the winter.

You can find the tour results at:


I have a couple of big shout outs to give this year. The first goes out to Werner Kuster. Wek was a major help on this year’s tour. He helped set up at several events and in Kreuzlingen, he basically set up the course twice by himself. If I needed something, he was ready to help. Big THANK YOU to wek!

My second shout out goes to Nathalie Holloköi and Dynamic Discs. This year and last year, Natalie has sponsored junior prizes through Dynamic Discs. Last year the juniors got some cool new discs and this year they got a bag, a cap and some really awesome minis.

Additionally, Natalie has really helped my game by exposing me to some new plastic and letting me try it out. Since last season, I’ve had new discs in the bag for the first time in years and they’ve really given me a new confidence in my game. (Now if I could just find some time to practice!) Big THANK YOU to Natalie and Dynamic Discs!

Looking forward to seeing all of you on tour over the summer and on next year’s Voodoo Dimension WinterTour!

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