Together against doping
Swiss Discgolf is unreservedly committed to doping-free sport, supports the fight against doping and maintains an active cooperation with the Foundation Antidoping Switzerland. Consistent compliance with the anti-doping rules protects the athletes, the association as well as the entire sport of disc golf. The leadership of Swiss Discgolf attaches great importance to the fact that athletes, coaches, team leaders and medical staff know the rules and are committed to clean golf.

Doping is forbidden
Prohibited are not only prohibited substances in the body, but also, for example, their possession, the refusal of a control or reporting violations. More about the ten specific offenses.

Strict Liability – Attention, the athletes bear the sole responsibility!
Strict liability is the basis of the fight against doping. It states that athletes are solely responsible for ensuring that no prohibited substances enter their bodies or that no prohibited methods are used.

Global DRO – Always check medications
Before athletes take medication, they must always check that it does not contain any banned substances. The Global DRO medication query provides information about this in a simple way – via or as a mobile app.

Supplements – Attention Doping Risk!
Supplements and dietary supplements may be contaminated with prohibited substances. They therefore carry the risk of an unintentional doping violation. To reduce this risk, great care must be taken when selecting products.
More information on the doping risk of supplements.

Doping controls – this is how it works!
Doping controls can take place at any time and everywhere. It is the athletes’ duty to follow the control order and the instructions of the control personnel. The details of a control can be found here or as a video.

Clean Winner E-Learning – Competitive athletes should understand it exactly
The higher the level of performance, the more precisely athletes and their coaches need to know the anti-doping regulations.
The Clean Winner e-learning program offers seven interactive modules for this purpose. Complete them and earn your anti-doping certificate!

Insider information – submit as anonymous report!
Information about possible doping offenses may seem small, but it can be important for the investigative work of Antidoping Switzerland.
Your communication could help decisively to protect clean sport. The information will always be treated confidentially.
Send tips (anonymously).

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