Competitive sports

Competitive sport

Disc Golf Sport offers a well organized tournament sport for every level of player. Whether regional club tournaments, events for beginners, schools and companies or national and international events for licensed players; in cooperation with the European associations and the international players’ association PDGA, the Disc Golf sport has been standardized worldwide.

For tournaments, the existing courses in Switzerland are specially extended, e.g. by lengthening the lanes and increasing the degree of difficulty, in order to be able to meet the required course standards for tournament sports. For this we follow the regulations of the PDGA, which is also the publisher of the official rules of play (link). At tournaments, which are held according to the PDGA standards, the player rating is also calculated a performance-based rating system (analogous to the handicap system of the ball golfers).

The Swiss Championship

has been held annually since 1999 as an independent tournament or as an integrated rating in a SwissTour tournament. Usually the championships take place in autumn and as a two-day tournament. The complete list of all champions and champions can be found here.

Important key points are:
– The SM is played as a two-day tournament.
– The SM must be designed with at least 18 lanes and 3 rounds (min 54 lanes) for all categories.
– To win a SM title (medal), a valid SDGV annual license and Swiss citizenship (or permanent residence and tax liability in Switzerland for at least one year) are required.
Detailed regulations for the SM can be found in the current SDGV Tournament Regulations and in the official tournament manual of the PDGA, here.

SM Award Mode:
The Swiss club landscape will be divided into two regions and they will alternate regarding the execution of the SM. Who from the region will carry out the SM, the respective clubs have to decide among themselves.

Region West: Disc People, walkabout, Disc Golf Genève, Woodys, Pays d’Enhaut, HLDC
Region East: Disc Dimension, Merry Chains, Big Birdies, Chainhunters, Voodo Warriors

Region West is responsible for hosting the SM in 2018.

The SwissTour

is the combination of single Disc Golf tournaments to a tour (series) and is planned annually in cooperation with all Swiss Disc Golf clubs by the federation. The SwissTour usually consists of six to ten tournaments and is played between the beginning of March and the end of October. The Swiss Disc Golf Association (SDGV) acts as the official representative of the Disc Golf sport in Switzerland at the SwissTour and thus determines all matters that are not already regulated by statutes, regulations or resolutions of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). The current tournament regulations, point system of the SDGV and the official playing rules of the PDGA are deposited with the documents. The SwissTour calendar can be found here.

SwissTour rating points are awarded 1x at a one-day tournament and 2x at a two-day tournament. The highest scores of 1/2 + 1 (maximum 7) of the number of ratings or tournament days (rounded down to the nearest whole number) of the entire Swisstour are included in the annual rating of the players. The points of the other rankings will be deleted. The winner of the SwissTour is the one who has won the most points over the year (according to the above formula). SwissTour winners are chosen in different categories. The categories will be defined annually after player registration and before the start of the SwissTour.

Swisstour categories 2020:
MPO Open, MP40 Pro Master 40+ (Master), MP50 Pro Master 50+ (Grandmaster), MP60 Pro Master 60+ (Senior Grandmaster), FPO Women, MJ18 / Junior.

Valid is the calendar year in which the age is reached.

The annual licenses or tournament licenses issued by the SDGV entitle to participate in Swisstour tournaments. Also eligible are players who are not affiliated with the SDGV but have a valid PDGA or annual license from another national association.

The European Championship

European Championships are held every two years. Responsible for the European Championships is the European Disc Golf Federation EDGF, founded in 2014. Switzerland was represented with players at all championships, except for the first European Championship in 1997. The respective national association is responsible for the qualification, nomination and selection of the participants of a country. An overview of the European Championships and the respective Swiss national team and qualification for 2018 in Croatia here.

The EuroTour and the Euro Pro Tour

The EuroTour is a championship event of up to 10 major tournaments in various countries throughout Europe. Participants earn EuroTour points at each tournament towards the final standings for EuroTour titles, trophies and bonus payouts.

To give the better players the opportunity to earn a spot at one of the events, and thus potentially run a higher-ranked tournament, the registration process is entirely PDGA rating-based. Higher rated players will thus get a chance to register earlier.

Disc Golf Pro Tour and Disc Golf World Tour

are two modern Tours, with a lot of prestige, prize money, live broadcasts, live scores and video summaries. It is worth to enjoy a round of the leader group on SmartTV!

The World Championships

The “PDGA Worlds” are the official world championships of the Disc Golf sport and have always been held in the USA. The tournament, which lasts over 1 week, is always held with several courses and hundreds of participants. Parallel to this there are the “PDGA Amateur Worlds”.

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