History of the Swiss Disc Golf Association

The Swiss Disc Golf Association was founded in 1986. Until the foundation of an own federation, the Disc Golfers were organized in a section of the then Frisbee Federation “Swiss Disc Sports”.

At the beginning Disc Golf was played in the association of the single disciplines, called “Overall”, only once a year. Besides Disc Golf, the single disciplines Distance Throw, Hover Throw, Target Throw, DDC, Freestyle and Discathon were evaluated for the annual Overall Swiss Championship. An Overall Championship has not been held for some time.

After the foundation of the SDGV, the Disc Golf sport has developed step by step and new tournaments have been organized. In the field of popular and school sports, permanent Disc Golf facilities could be realized all over Switzerland in a short time.

In the meantime you can find Disc Golf facilities from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva and the possibilities are far from being exhausted. Have a look at the map, there is surely a course near you.

For example, school children can practice Disc Golf on smaller 3-hole courses, which have been built on the green areas of school buildings – or simply have fun with the discs. Even the youngest ones get their money’s worth in the summer camps when it comes to Disc Golf. Thousands of kids enjoy playing Disc Golf and one or the other has already found his way to the sport.

Special popular sport events like the “World’s Biggest Tournament”, the WalkieCup or the Winter Tour in the area of ZH-TG or the Winter Pro Tour in Geneva allow the whole family to get in touch with the Disc Golf sport.

On the sportive level the association organizes in cooperation with the clubs and tournament organizers every year a “SwissTour”. This, combined with a points system, is a special incentive for the licensed player for direct comparison in sporting competition over the course of a year. The annual Swiss championship is always held on the occasion of a special tournament.

Again and again, tournaments of the PDGA Eurotour have been successfully held in Switzerland: the Swiss Open in Genève and the Bern Open on the Gurten evoke many memories. The European Championships of 1999 in Gstaad and 2014 in Les Evaux Genève are unforgettable…

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