Licensing scheme
License forms:

The annual license (valid for the calendar year) is issued by SDGV after registration. No annual licenses are sold at tournaments themselves. Players without an annual license can buy a tournament license at the tournament (valid for the current tournament). Tournament licenses will not be refunded if an annual license is purchased later.


Players of a club affiliated to SDGV will be registered via the club manager. All others register directly with SDGV (finanzen(at) The registration is binding. The annual license can be registered throughout the year.

Licenses for the PDGA can be purchased directly from the PDGA or at a reduced rate through a disc golf club that is a member of the SDGV. These licenses are mostly necessary for international tournaments or if someone wants to have an official player rating.


The amount of membership fees (for clubs), license fees and their structure are set annually at the SDGV Delegates Assembly.

Status 2019: (in swiss francs)
Basic membership fee for clubs: 50.-
Fee per active member in the club: 5.-
Annual license: 15.-
Annual license juniors: 15.-
Annual license for single players: 50.-
Tournament license: 10.-

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