Mass sports

Mass sports

Disc Golf may seem technically quite demanding and require a lot of practice and thus accuracy, but it is not a high-performance sport that is only suitable for fitness aces. Already after a short time you get a feeling for the flight characteristics of the disc and therefore the fast learning success for beginners is guaranteed. The sport of Frisbee is suitable for everyone, whether a youngster or a senior. The main aspect of Disc Golf as a recreational activity is significantly the communal joy in the matter and in sporting activity in the open air. You can go disc golfing with just the two of you, or you can take your friends or family along and discover this trendy sport, which is insanely fun and encourages you to get better and better.

Disc Golf stands for values such as fairness, respect, polite interaction and mutual support. As far as the purchase costs are concerned, Disc Golf scores over other sports. A basic set of three discs can be had for as little as 25 to 30 francs.

from top: Driver – Midrange – Putter

Throughout the year, various beginner tournaments take place, e.g. the “Biggest” every Mother’s Day on the Gurten for almost 30 years. The “WalkieCup” offers since 2002 in the area Bern-Biel-Fribourg-Langenthal every year more than 10 tournaments for beginners, the “Discgolf-Wintertour” since about 2008 in the area Zurich-Winterthur-Kreuzlingen as well (plays also sometimes in the snow) as also the “Winter Pro Tour” in the beautiful Genève. Have a look at the tournament calendar to see what’s going on where and when!

Disc Golf is also offered in youth sports summer camps, e.g. in Fiesch or Tenero or at the sports office in Zurich or Bern: more details are always welcome.

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