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– be g-balanced –

The balance between balanced nutrition and activating training, between restful relaxation and intensive challenge is central to well-being and quality of life. Health is not a state that is achieved once and retained without further action, but is based on dynamic balances that must be maintained throughout life and adapted to the situation in everyday life.

In order to be able to play disc golf injury-free and with a high level of performance in the long term, it is enormously important to eat healthily, to train well and sensibly, and to adhere to physical recovery phases. To be successful on a high performance level, mental coaching is another important aspect.

In order for you to find a good balance and stay balanced in the long term, G-Balance activates the necessary resources and gives the decisive impulses in terms of nutrition, exercise, relaxation and mental coaching.


For disc golfers, a balanced, healthy diet is important in order to better exploit their performance potential. Nutrition has a great influence on athletic performance (energy, concentration) and regeneration.

We advise you in regular meetings and teach you what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, how you can change and improve your eating habits sustainably and give you tips on the ideal diet before, during and after a tournament.


The physical preparation for the long season and tournaments is important to have the necessary endurance for a constant disc golf game, to be able to call up the performance potential in time, to recover faster after tournament days and to reduce the susceptibility to injuries.

We will work out a training program tailored to your needs and accompany you during your training.


Through coaching we strengthen your resources and prepare you mentally for your seasonal highlights.

We give you the necessary impulses to improve your situation and support you in developing new perspectives that expand your scope of action and enable you to find targeted solutions.

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