PDGA – Professional Disc Golf Association

The PDGA was founded in 1976 in the USA by Ed Headrick, the original father of Disc Golf. The actual goal was to build up a players’ association for professionals who, in contrast to amateurs, play for prize money. However, since the prize money was insignificantly small, the term “Disc Golf Pro” was internally declared almost as a joke. The development of the sport at that time did not really show any perspectives that a disc golfer could ever make a living as a disc golf pro. However, that has changed dramatically.

In 1982, the PDGA was reorganized into a players’ association and today represents the worldwide governing body of the sport of disc golf. In addition to the pros, the PDGA also maintains a membership for amateurs, who contribute significantly to the enormous growth and success of the PDGA. The PDGA has approximately 40,000 members worldwide, with membership doubling in the last three years.

The PDGA is the publisher of the official Disc Golf Rules of Play, which are now used worldwide. Likewise, most disc golf tournaments today are played according to PDGA standards, and the PDGA also tests and certifies the playing material by a special committee. With the introduction of the Player Rating System in June 2000, PDGA provides a performance-based rating system analogous to the handicap system used by ball golfers.

Website of the PDGA

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