Sense and purpose

The purpose of the association is defined in the statutes; namely the promotion and spreading of the DiscGolf sport in Switzerland. In doing so, we are guided on the one hand by international conditions and on the other hand by national needs.

The general goal is to be able to offer a well organized and functioning sport with the clubs in as many regions of Switzerland as possible, but also to make DiscGolf possible as a popular sport for everyone.

Members of the federation

The members of the federation are the admitted clubs, which have their seat in Switzerland. New clubs can become members of the federation upon application.


An official disc golfer is one who holds a valid license from the Federation. This is ordered either by the club for their members, or for club-independent players by the club directly to the federation.

What does the federation do

  • We represent the interests of the members towards other organizations at home and abroad.
  • We maintain contacts with other DiscGolf associations and work out concepts for the spreading of the DiscGolf sport.
  • We organize an annual Swisstour with several tournaments in cooperation with the clubs and other organizations.
  • We organize in cooperation with the clubs and other organizations an annual Swiss Championship.
  • We supervise the operation of the game and ensure that tournaments are held according to established standards.
  • We publish the official DiscGolf rules (German edition of the PDGA rules) and are responsible for all questions related to the rules.
  • We assist in the establishment of new clubs.
  • We sanction international events which are held in Switzerland (Eurotour, European or World Championship.
  • We support Swiss European Championship and World Championship participants financially (if the funds of the federation allow it).

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