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Entering the tournament game

If you have decided to participate in the Disc Golf Swisstour and are new in this environment, the following information will help you to orientate yourself.

– On the homepage of the Swiss Disc Golf Association
you will find detailed documents and regulations.

– The registration for a Swisstour tournament is done via ” “.
A personal login / account at Metrix is mandatory for participation.

– The tournament is played according to the latest PDGA rules. It is the duty of all participants to know and apply these rules.
In addition, the requirements of the SDA – tournament rules are to be applied.

– SDA license
Is necessary for all tournaments sanctioned by the association (Swisstour, Swiss Championship). This is available as an annual license through a club affiliated to the SDA or as an annual individual license through the association directly ( ). If no annual license is solved, a tournament license is required for each of the above mentioned tournaments.
This license has to be solved by players who are resident in Switzerland. PDGA license is not sufficient.
For participants from abroad a membership in their national association or a current PDGA membership is sufficient.

– Spirit of the game
Disc Golf is played largely without the supervision of a referee. The sport relies on the integrity of each individual and their resolve to be considerate of other players and to play by the rules. Each player should behave in a disciplined manner and remain courteous and fair at all times, regardless of the competitive situation in which he or she finds himself or herself.
Point out rule violations to others! Accept when others do it to you!
It’s nothing personal, those are the rules.

For newcomers to disc golf, it is recommended that they practice with experienced players or play in smaller tournaments to reinforce their knowledge of the rules before playing a Swisstour tournament.

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