The rules

The basic rules

Rule 1: Respect for walkers, fellow players, animals, plants, trees and all other facilities. We do not leave litter on the premises.

Rule 2: Each player has to make sure before (!) his throw that nothing and nobody crosses his path when he wants to throw.

Rule 3: The start is from the drop. Play continues from where the throw has landed. The game continues in this way until it reaches the finish line.

Rule 4: The player who has taken the fewest throws on the previous lane always starts at the discard.

Rule 5: After the discard, the player who is farthest from the target continues to play, even if he needs a few more throws than his teammates.

Rule 6: After hitting the target, the course is finished and the number of throws needed is noted. In this way, all lanes of the course are completed in the prescribed order. The player who has needed the fewest throws after completing all the courses is the winner.

Disc Golf is played according to the international rules of the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). The set of rules is quite comprehensive and is supervised by a special committee of the PDGA and if necessary adapted from time to time: PDGA Rules of Play

For big tournaments it is required that the participant has passed the PDGA examination “Certified Official“. This is valid for three years and costs 10 dollars.

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