This is Disc Golf

This is Disc Golf

Disc Golf is playing golf with Frisbees.
Disc Golf Frisbees are like the flying discs of yesteryear at the beach or park, only much more aerodynamic. A lot!

The object of the game is to complete a course (usually 9 or 18 lanes) with as few throws as possible. Each course has a drop point and a target, the disc golf basket. The chains hold the flight of the Disc Golf Frisbee and it falls into the basket below. The number of throws is noted and you move on to the next lane. At the end of the round, on the 19th lane, read regular table/clubhouse, the throws are added up and the winner is determined. The player who needed the fewest throws for the round is the winner.

From the throw-off spot, you throw as far as possible in the direction of the basket. The game continues from exactly where the throw landed. There you try to place the disc either directly in the basket or as close to it as possible. Birdie or par.

The individual holes of a course are between 50 and 350 meters long. Par 3, 4 or 5. The difficulty of a course is not only determined by the length, but also by the obstacles such as trees, bushes, water, roads, paths or differences in altitude. Out-of-bounds zones and mandatories are designed to protect parked cars or players on adjacent courses.

A picture is worth a hundred words, that was yesterday. A video says more than a thousand words:

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